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Found lav? Yes Connect. Impressing. Foundlav connect is here to help you find love and romance with Kenyan patners, we created a place online where conversations can be endless and making new connections is as simple as saying 'hello'. Foundlav is all about helping you find someone special no matter how busy your life gets, whether that's from having a hectic work life, taking care of children or even both. We dont believe there is a reason you should be by yourself when you can chat with someone whenever you are free. From Nairobi to Kisumu, from Nakuru to Mombasa..., we strive to connect established, accomplished people who want to date.

Once you decide to become one of us, registering is as simple as signing into your email.The best tip to get you dating successful people is to add as much detail as you possibly can so we can help you narrow your search and connect you with people who have similar interests. Dating can be easy again and with a simple sign up, your life can change dramatically for the better

This website is owned by Foundlav Connect that is registered under the registration of business names act(Cap 499, Section 14) under registration number BN-35CBMV

Frequently asked questions

Online dating is the practise of searching a love patner via the internet. This is usually done via a dedicated website like this one.

Apart from just helping you find your patner in life, Foundlav gives you an opportunity to ask relationship based queries, get relationship advice and a lot more fun like real time chatting, the love calculator e.t.c

Any adult is free to use an online dating service. Foundlav solely restricts age up to 85 years. This means any person between 18 years and 85 years is free to use this site.

Online dating in the recent years has been corrupted by scammers. However here at foundlav we have deviced methods that will pin down scamming activity. Users of this website are strongly encouraged to report any suspicous activity. There are features of dating online safely which this website introduces, this includes chatting to the patner before meeting in person, provision of working phone number and the premium services. (Scammers usually target free sites in most cases).

Yes there are such sites out there but Foundlav prohibits homosex in accordance with the laws in Kenya hence does not allow such matching by default.

Foundlav is a site that offers the best deals in the country:

  1. Highly advanced matching algorithms
  2. We provide the cheapest money deal to our users, i.e there is no monthly or yearly subscription; here you pay only for a hook-up of the patner you have searched and chosen.
  3. We charge only KSH 10 for one hook up
  4. The number of hook-up requests are not limited
  5. Payment is simple: Via MPESA TILL NUMBER

'My Lover' is the page you go when you want to search for your desired matches and send a hook up request

It depends. Foundlav recommends at least 1 month and you should have in-depth knowledge of the person. Foundlav also recommends to meet the person at a public place like a restaurant, pub.. e.t.c


Get all the help you need in this section e.g

  1. Click the Register button at the top right of the home page
  2. Enter your username. Username should be one word, should not be more than 15 characters long and should not contain spaces and special characters like ', . ; > < / ' e.t.c
  3. Choose your gender, If your username is already taken, you will be notified and will be advised to change
  4. Fill in your birth year, only the year e.g 1994
  5. Enter your email, this email will be useful when you lose your password so be sure to enter the correct one
  6. Enter a password that is at least six characters long
  7. Repeat entering the password
  8. Click the green REGISTER button below and you are already a member at FOUNDLAV!!
  9. From there, you will be directed to the 'settings page' then to 'My lover' page. They are listed below, read through them for better understanding.
  1. There are two lists on the main pane; Those who accepted you and Those you accepted
  2. If you dont see any names it means your contact list is empty. You need to go to the hook-ups page and send hook ups or accept hook-ups if any are sent
  3. Click on the name of the person you want to chat with
  4. At least five previous messages of each patner will be loaded and you can send a message. Note that every message you send deletes the fifth last message you sent in that chat. This was done to prevent congestion.
  5. You can click the back button to go to the main chats screen and chat with other friends that is if you have more than one
  1. You will see four tabs when you visit this page; Hook up requests, Pending requests, Rejected requests and the Contacts tab
  2. The hook up requests tab contains the gallery of the people who have hook you or rather people who wish to date you. It is at your discretion to either accept or reject the person
  3. The Pending requests tab contains the gallery of people whom you have sent hook-up requests to and they have not seen them yet; They have not accepted nor rejected them
  4. The rejected requests tab contains the gallery of people whom you have sent hook-up requests but they have rejected you for some reason. You could try your luck again by resending the hook-up request
  5. The contacts pane contains information of the people whom you sent hook-up requests and they accepted you, or those whom you accepted their hook-up requests.
  1. This page contains two major buttons ; the blue 'edit' button and the 'search for match' button
  2. Look at the light blue section that says 'I prefer my patner to be like:' If they are all unknown, you must click the blue 'edit' button and set what your patner should look like. However If you are satisfied with the settings you made on your last visit there is no need of cicking the blue 'Edit' button
  3. Now it's time to search for a soul mate based on the criteria you set above. Just click the 'Search for match' button and you will see a gallery pop up in the dark section below.
  4. Browse through the gallery and chose as many patners you want to hook by clicking the 'hook' button on the respective photo!. Note that you cannot send a hook-up request if your balance is below 10 shillings
  1. This page has three sub-categories; Edit my profile, Change my photo and Update address
  2. In 'Edit my profile', you set information about who you are, i.e you describe yourself. E.g if you say you are tall, someone looking for a tall patner might be able to find you if the other features match as well.
  3. There are only three mandatory fields on this page they are prefixed with red exclamation marks, i.e marital status, children and county. The rest of the fields can be filled at your own discretion
  4. The 'Change my photo' page is simple and requires you to change your profile photo. Just click 'Choose photo', select the photo from its location and then click the blue 'upload photo' button
  5. The 'Update address' page is vital if you have recently moved, ie from Kayole to Eastlands or if you have just changed you mobile number. This is important so that your soul mates can keep up the connection with you

When you get to this page, follow the instructions on how to pay via MPESA till number. Remember to enter the transaction code and wait to be credited with the respective amount you paid

NOTE: It is TILL NUMBER you are paying to and not paybill and also note that you will be paying to FOUNLAV CONNECT, till number 612345

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